M1, M2 and M3 Test Weights - Shield Stamped

  • 'Test' Weights - Used for calibrating scales, load testing lifts, cranes, lifting platforms, etc. M1 is the most accurate, then M2 and M3.

  • M1 Test Weights - Used to calibrate precision scales. If you are in any doubt as to the resolution of your scale (how accurate it is) select an M1 Test Weight.  

  • M3 Test Weights - Typically used for Load Testing cranes, hydraulic lifting platforms, lifts, etc. 

  • Shield Stamping Test Weights - If your business operates with ISO9001, 'Test' Weights for scale calibration must be independently verified by Trading Standards. The lead in the adjustment pocket is stamped with their official 'Shield Stamp'. A Trading Standards Certificate is always issued with a Test Weight that has been Shield Stamped. One certificate will cover a batch of weights, of different denominations but must be on the same order and for the same customer. 

  • For load testing purposes an M3 Test Weight is adequate and is unlikely to require Shield Stamping unless the weight will be audited under an ISO9001 QS, or similar. 

  • Serial numbers can be stencilled or stamped onto these weights using metal stamps so the weight is then fully traceable and linked to a certificate.


UKAS Test Weights 

  • UKAS Test Weights are calibrated to M1. They are then submitted to a UKAS approved laboratory and tested under the requirements of UKAS. 

  • Each weight must be given a serial number so that each weight is identifiable on the UKAS Certificate. The serial number can either be stencilled on or stamped onto the weight using metal stamps.



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