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JWS Weights is offering a comprehensive range of KERN scales. They come with a genuine 2 Year Warranty. We sell a selection of their most popular models; popular because they offer German precision engineering and can be supplied with DAkkS Certification which is the UKAS Equivalent.  


This range of Scales is from KERNS lower Budget range but all of them offer very high quality and precision. All website prices are displayed excluding VAT. Prices will have VAT added on check out. T&C's Apply to all sales of KERN scales. 

This selection of Scales is from KERNS Entry Level range but all of them offer excellent quality and precision. From the Jewellery TAB pocket scale through to the IP65 Stainless Steel Premium Compact Scale and the Parcel Platform Scales, there are multiple options (capacity & resolution) available. 

TAB20-3 Jewellery Scale

20 gram x 0.001 grams


  • Weighs up to 20 grams in 0.001gram increments.

  • Simple and convenient 4-key operation

  • Can be switched over from g to ct, gn at the touch of a key

  • Hard case cover as protection against pressure and dust

  • Adjusting weight and weighing pan standard


  • Batteries 4 x 1.5 V AAA standard, operating time up to 150 h

  • Dimensions weighing surface WxD mm

  • Overall dimensions WxDxH 95x135x33 mm

  • Permissible ambient temperature 10 °C / 30 °C

  • Net weight approx. 170 g

EMB-S School/ Education Stackable Scales


  • Simple and convenient 2-key operation, making them ideal for use in schools and universities

  • Tare function facilitates formulation work

  • Particularly flat design

  • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet

  • Stackable for space-saving storage

  • A practical transport safety lock prevents the weighing technology from being overloaded when stored or during transportation

  • Hook for underfloor weighing standard

  • The individual models are delivered in a cost-effective set of five units. Cannot be delivered individually.


EMB Budget Precision Scale


  • The EMB-S Range comes in a wide range of Capacities from 100 gram to 6000 grams. 

  • Simple and convenient 2-key operation, making them ideal for use in schools and universities.

  • Tare function facilitates formulation work.

  • Particularly flat design.

  • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet

  • Ready for use: Batteries included. AUTO-OFF function to preserve the batteries, can be switched off

  • Ring-shaped draught shield standard, only for models with weighing plate size , weighing space ØxH 96x35 mm

  • Hook for underfloor weighing standard


KERN FOB-NS Premium Compact IP65 Scale


  • Comes in 2 different capacities:

    • 500 Gram (+/- 0.1grams) and

    • 5000 Gram (+/- 1 gram). Stainless steel design of the housing and weighing plate. Its smooth surfaces make it simple to clean

  • Your support in a HACCP-compliant quality system

  • Particularly flat design

  • High mobility: thanks to compact, flat construction, it is suitable for use in several locations (kitchen, sales office, market stall etc.)

  • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet

  • IP65: Dust and spray protected (only when using battery)

  • Ready for use: battery 9 V Block standard,

    • Operating time up to 24 h

KERN EOA Platform Parcel Scale


  • A solid, robust, compact platform scale ideal for Office & Warehouse use with separate digital display connected by a 1.4m cable.   

  • Battery operation, compact, flat construction and low weight make this scale ideal for the use in several locations

  • Simple and convenient 2-key operation

  • Weighing plate steel, lacquered

  • Adjusting program CAL, external test weights at an additional price

  • Ready for use: Batteries included (9 V Block), operating time up to 60 h

KERN DE-D Stainless Steel IP65 Platform Scale


  • This is an upgraded version to the EOA Platform Scale. Offering superior Dust and Splash proof contruction to IP65. Ideal for Production, Warehouse and Dispatch, etc. 

  • Flexible positioning of display device: e.g. free-standing or mounted to the wall (optional)

  • Display device IP65. Protected against dust and spray (only when using battery or rechargeable battery pack)

  • PRE-TARE function for manual subtraction of a known container weight, useful for checking fill-levels

  • With the recipe function you can weigh the different ingredients of a mixture. As a check, you can also call up the total weight of all the ingredients

  • Freely programmable weighing unit, e.g. display direct in special units such as length of thread g/m, paper weight g/m2, or similar.


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