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Trade Approved and Test Weight Questions


Q. I have a scale that I use to weigh out copper, tin and nickel scrap. I buy and sell the scrap on a £ per Kg rate. A Trading Standards Officer has said I need to calibrate my scale. What type of weight do I need? A 20kg Trade Weight? 

A. It depends if you have an older analogue dial scale in which case you will require a Trade Approved Crown Stamped Weight. If your scale is an Electronic Class III Trade Approved Scale then will need an M1 Test Weight. Any scale that is used for buying and/or selling goods must be Trade Approved. If not, the weight must be.  



Q. I import weights that are cheaper. Can you price match?    

A. Unfortunately no. We are the cheapest of all UK manufacturers, UK manufacturing costs are obviously higher but for that you get a very high quality item. Imported cast iron weights that are not coated with a premium quality etch primer can be prone to rusting, need repainting after shipping, thus altering their original calibration but when you buy a 5kg M1 to +/-250mg from JWS, it will be exactly that. 



Q. I want to check my scale is reading the correct weight. Do I need an M1, M2 or M3 Test Weight?   

A. It depends on the resolution of your scale but an approximate guide is: if its a 10kg scale that reads down to +/-0.5grams you will need to buy an M1 Test Weight. If its +/- 1gram opt for an M2, if its +/-5grams opt for an M3. 



Q.  Will an M1 25kg Test Weight cover ISO9001?

A. It must be a 25kg M1 Test Weight 'Trading Standards Shield Stamped''. It will have been checked and certificated. The weight will ideally have a serial number stencilled or stamped on to the weight and this number will be included on the Certificate



Q.  My weights are due for retesting. Do you offer calibration on old weights?

A. Yes. We now offer a shot blast, regrind and recalibration service. See link here. Your local Trading Standards office may offer recalibration fees that are competitve.  



Q.  I need 500kg of weights to load test lifts. Im a service engineer and need 20kg's to get in and out of buildings, offices, etc. I dont need them to be very accurate. Just approximate. Do you do a cheaper version of these weights untested?

A. It would be best to order proper M3 Test Weights so that you are sure your minimum weight is achieved. 



Q.  I want a 5kg Weight to check my scale. Do I need a Trading Standards Certificate? 

A. If you are not ISO9001, UKAS, Lloyds Registered etc, then you are not compelled to have a Certificate. If your scale is an old analogue scale that is not Trade Approved and used for buying and selling goods then it must be a Trade Approved weight which is Crown Stamped. If you just want to know if its reading is correct at 5kg, the weights we provide will be correct to accuracy standard you order. For a small fee, we can issue a JWS Certificate of Conformity which confirms the accuracy of your weight and that it has been produced using comparator weights traceable to National Standards.  



Q.  My weights have turned up but no Trading Standards Certificate?

A. Certificates are sent out with invoices a few days later.



Q.  I want 150x 10kg weights to check self-check out tills in stores across UK. What type of weight do I need? Trade Approved or Test Weights? 

A. Self check out tills will be calibrated and set up by the company which installed them. Information will have been provided regarding the calibration, Class III Trade Approved being most likely.  You will probably require M1 10kg Test Weights, 1 for each store,  Shield Stamped and certified. Each weight will need a serial number so that they are separately identifiable. Although the set of weights could all be covered by a single certificate, it is probably more convenient for each store to have its own.



Q.  I need serial numbers stencilled on my weights for some 20kg M1 weights. Where is the option to add this to the order for the weight?

A. Unfortunately, the website has limitations on the number of options that can be added to each weight but its also best you contact us by email and inform us what the serial numbers are. Prices for stencilled or stamped weight are on our Trade Price List. You can use our Paypal email address to send payment or pay by BACS, cheque, etc. 


Payment / Account Options Questions


Q. VAT is not showing on checkout. Just the carriage? 

A. Carriage is added at checkout on the site and then VAT gets added on UK orders upon final payment through Paypal. From there a VAT invoice will appear on your Paypal account. We also send out a VAT invoice with the order. 



Q. Can I set up a Trade account as a regular buyer?  

A. Yes. Once there have been a number of transactions paid in full, a 30 day account will be set up at the discretion of the Accounts Department. 

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