10kg Mould Production 

1 Kg Stainless Steel M1 Calibration Weight 

10kg Bar Weights before painting

Hexagonal 2kg M1 Test Weight

10kg Bar Weight available in M1 M2 or M3

100kg Roller weight

Roller Weight being machined

     Set of Calibration Hanger Weights 


  20kg Calibration Weight Test Weights

From furnace to finished product. 

50N Newton Calibration Weight UKAS 

Casting a 10kg Bar Weight Mould 

Stainless Steel F1 Calibration Weight 

10kg Bar Weights palleted ready for despatch.  

Grey iron being poured at 1380C

Casting a 10kg Bar Weight Mould 

100 Gram F1 Calibration Weight

3D CAD Design Service for a bespoke Lift Weight System

25kg Bar Weight available in M1 M2 or M3

500kg Block Weight

0.5kg Hexagonal Test Weight

One of our Sartorius Calibration Scales

0.5kg M1 Hanger Calibration Weight

2kg M1 Hexagonal Test Weights. 

5N Newton Calibration Weight

2000kg Block Weight 

1000kg Block Weight M1

100kg Block Weight to M1

1kg Trade Approved Calibration Weight

250kg Pallet Truck Calibration Weight

       5kg Slotted Calibration Weight

200mm long M1, 0.5kg Hanger Test Weight

200N Newton Calibration Weight 

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