KERN SXS Premium Stainless Steel Industrial Scale. Suitable for harsh wet environments where water, solvents and moisture is present daily. 

Verification to UK Class III Trade Use available and DaKKs (UKAS Calibration and Certification.
Ideal for the robust industrial applications
Platform: IP67, made entirely of stainless steel, silicone-coated stainless load cell. Substruction in wing design, extremely resistant to bending
Display device: IP68, very high class of protection against dust and water. Integrated power supply
Suitable for the ever-increasing hygienic requirements in the food industry
Wall mount standard
Superior display size: digit height 55 mm. Bright backlight for easy reading of weighing results, even in poor lighting conditions
Thanks to the RS-232, RS-485 and Bluetooth (optional) interfaces, the scale can easily be connected to existing networks. Data exchange between the scale, PC or printer
ESD drain to protect against electrostatic discharge e.g. for electro-statically charged weighing objects or people who work with the scale.

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