Highly versatile KERN VHE-A weighs up to 2000kg in 5kg increments.
Designed for general checkweighing, e.g.: plausibility check at goods receiving, determining shipping weights, avoiding overloads, safety checks
Very manoeuvrable thanks to its compact construction and low weight
Particularly robust with its components having been relocated from the load fork into the protected housing area. It is therefore also ideal for heavy applications in the production area and on board lorries
Display device: protection against dust and water splashes IP65
Low height of the loading forks easy uplifting to work with low pallets
Pivot range 206°
Castors: Solid rubber on aluminium rims
Load rollers: Polyurethane
Switch on and then pump up the load fork to the reference height
Tare off
Release the load fork and load the goods to be weighed
Weighing: Pump the load fork with the goods to be weighed up to the reference height, read off the weight
Ready for use: Batteries included 2 x 1.5 V AA. AUTO-OFF function to preserve the batteries. Operating time approx. 1 year / approx. 3000 weighings. Charge status indicator on displa

KERN VHE-A Entry Level Pallet Truck Scale

Calibration Certifcate

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