Refurb and Recalibration Services 
JWS Weights is now offering a comprehensive Refurb' & Recalibration Service on
Bar Weights and Block Weights
If you have an old set of weights that have seen better days and in need of a complete refurb then we can shot blast, repaint and recalibrate them. Recalibrating cast iron weights that have chipped paint and rust on them can be a waste of time and money because they can go out of calibration within a short period of time.
Once shot blast we then regrind the weights and repaint them with high quality Matt Black etch primer. The weights are then recalibrated. Bar Weights are recalibrated in-house, Block Weights are sent to Trading Standards to be recalibrated and Certificated. For refurbishment enquiries please Contact Us.
There's a minimum order charge of £50.
Below are our our Refurb Costs :
Bar Weights (includes recalibration):  
5kg      £22.50
10kg    £26.50
20kg    £40.00
25kg    £46.00
Block Weights (includes Trading Standards Certificate)

100kg    £280.00
200kg    £300.00
250kg    £320.00
500kg    £360.00
1000kg  £500.00
2000kg  £925.00

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