Slotted Hanger Weights are supplied finished in high quality Matt Black Etch Primer and calibrated to a mass tolerance equivalent to M1, which you can view in our online chart.  The weights fit on to a 12mm diameter hanger.


We manufacture

  • Toleranced weights with or without Certification

  • Certification options either by Trading Standards or under UKAS 

  • Slotted Newton Test Weights can be Calibrated & Certificated with varying g Values.
    Typically they are tested and certificated with a g value of 9.820075ms-2.
    This gives a conversion of  1N: 101.847493grammes. 

Slotted Hanger Weights (Newtons)


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Test Weights

Traceable to National Standards. 


Made in the

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Certificated by Trading Standards




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