Quick Guide to Buying a Trade Approved Weight



  • Firstly, if you are using an older analogue scale with internal spring type mechanism and manual adjutment then it's a Crown Stamped Trade Approved weight you will need to zero a scale that is used to weigh and then sell or buy goods on rate per gram/Kg basis. However......


  • .....Electronic Trade Approved Scales such as a Class II Jewellery Scale would require an F1 or E2 Stainless Steel Calibration weight. A Class III Electronic Trade Scale would require an M1 Calibration weight.  Class II & III scales are already calibrated to comply with Trading Standards regulations so they do not require a Trade Approved weight. It is however, best to check with your local Trading Standards Metrology Department.


  • It is a legal requirement to use a scale or weight that is Trade Approved.  


  • This type of weight is calibrated with a specific positive balance which ensures the customer is getting the minimum specified amount. 


  • These weights are checked by Trading Standards and Crown Stamped. We can calibrate weights to Trade specification here at JWS with the correct positive balance.


  • No certificate is usually issued with Trade Weights but Trading Standards and JWS Weights will issue one if it is required.


  • Weights Regulations 1986 apply to Trade Weights.



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